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Enrolment at Cardiff’s ‘other’ University

Posted in Features by theequestrian on September 30, 2009

Urrrg! A late night at work, with little for company but a stack of forms to be checked, and a system to be updated.

Hurrah for ‘hospitality’ then!!

Or maybe not. I am lucky enough that once a year for two weeks, late night overtime is thrust upon me and, along with the monetary remuneration, my colleagues and I are rewarded with some sandwiches, crisps and jugs of tea and coffee.

The selection this evening is surprisingly stark. The usual array of colours and strange fillings has been replaced by 3 solitary rows of little triangles. Some sort of ham combo, and two different cheesy ones. I go for the cheese selections…

Cheese Sandwiches and coffee

First, plain cheddar with some type of spread and tiny flakes of celery. It’s ok, the cheese is strong and not too rubbery but the celery pieces are so tiny that there’s as much point in having them there as there is in watching re-runs of Last of the Summer Wine. None at all – wait till next Sunday and exactly the same thing will happen again, again,again and repeat.

A few slurps of a very dubious black coffee (at least it’s warm) and it’s time to take a dip into my second little triangle. Cheese again, this time white with a very odd growth hanging off the edge. This is, on closer inspection, a raisin desperately trying to escape from the chutney spread, and not the catering staff’s idea of a ‘funny joke’.

cheese, cheese and raisin.

Hmmm, this is bad! What a combination, not good filling at all – on a par with Graham Souness trying to wedge Istvan Kozma in the middle of an already dubious 90’s Liverpool midfield. The remains are finished super quick and washed down with the dregs of coffee.

Well, this little sojourn may have passed some time, stopped me from working and filled a bit of a hole, but it wasn’t enjoyable. Plus after all that there is still an hour and forty minutes left until I can leave. The joy.

Score: None

It was free, I was bored, and I’d had enough of eating biros. There was no other option.


Cafe Minuet, Castle Arcade

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on September 30, 2009

The weekend is here, and for a change, the sky is clear and so are our collective heads.  Where to today? Greasy spoon? Gourmet sub? Pub lunch?

No, none of these will do.  A brief think and a brainwave recalls a small little cafe in Castle Arcade.  Café Minuet.

The people running it seem Italian and various posters adorn the café walls of opera and classical music notations. Not the most swish, this is no bad thing, but it has its own little charm. The real gem is not the main café, but a little serving hatch that opens off the kitchen. From here they sell a small selection of mini-pizzas and slippers (If, like I did, you’re wondering wtf?! Well, slippers are cold or warm homemade breads with a choice of fillings)

Cafe Minuet serving hatch

We both go for a mini-pizza – one pepperoni, one ham. They come heated from the oven with the option of adding garlic and prices don’t top more than £2.00. Bargain!

Pepperoni Mini-Pizza

A short walk to the front of the castle and we tuck in. I must say, the quality of ingredients were top notch, handmade bread, proper cheese, thickly cut ham, and a genuine spicy pepperoni. The addition of them being served in a non-descript paper bag only seems to add to the enjoyment. This comes highly recommended, a great quick grab and go.


Price:               4/4

Taste:  3/4

Look:                3/4

Service:           3/4

Originality:    3/4

Score: 16/20

Many sandwiches. Many places.

Posted in News by thesandwichclub on September 23, 2009


The city of Cardiff, Wales is currently sprawled with fine eateries across its boundaries. Several like minded individuals who all admit to being fascinated by the sandwich have taken it upon themselves to trawl through what the city has to offer.