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Hungry Planet, Clifton Street

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on October 26, 2009

To book a day off work just to indulge in a sandwich from a local retailer has to be justified. Thankfully, this was one of those times. The Hungry Planet is one of the special finds that come far too rarely. In fact, we had not even heard about it until a fan of the Sandwich Club invited us to explore the delights of the Hungry Planet menu.

Hungry Planet

On entering we are greeted with an open cooler displaying all sorts of organic delights that divides our route into two as we make our way to the counter situated at the back of the shop. Organic products and a vegetarian menu are the theme of this place with a focus on locally sourced produce. The menu is impressively extensive for a shop only serving vegetarian food and even though the Sandwich Clubbers are not vegetarians this did not make our job of choosing a sandwich any easier.

Instantly the service is friendly and welcoming, a lovely chap (called Chris) ran us through the menu. Seen as its cold outside, and 50% of the Clubbers are feeling slightly hung over, two toasties (cheese/onion/harissa* & goats cheese/onion/harissa both on wholemeal organic bread), a slice of banana and walnut cake and a smoothie are the order of the day.

Goat's Cheese, onion, harissa toastie

Toastie & Smoothie

Seats are taken, and despite the brain freeze, the smoothie is fresh, cold, and very refreshing.

It’s a little bit of a wait till our plates arrive but this is a good thing. Time is spent watching the world go by on the newly rejuvenated Clifton Street and investigating all the goodies Hungry Planet have on sale. Visit their website here for an overview Hungry Planet

The texture on the toasted organic bread is lovely, and the harissa gives a nice kick through the goat’s cheese. A smell of heaven turns up at the table, this is the heated up banana and walnut cake, and the sweet tooth of the Sandwich Club is definitely satisfied!

Cheese Toastie

Banana and Walnut cake

A thoroughly enjoyable experience. Take out is available but we recommend taking some time to sit in and enjoy the Hungry Planet. In the mean time befriend them here: Hungry Planet Facebook

*Harissa – is a North African hot red sauce or paste whose main ingredients are chilli peppers (often smoked or dried) and garlic. Though most closely associated with Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, it is a standard ingredient of North African cuisine. Harissa often contains coriander, caraway, or cumin, and usually olive oil. It may also contain tomatoes. It is used both as a condiment and as an ingredient in recipes.


Price:               3 /4

Taste:               4/4

Look:                4 /4

Service:           4/4

Originality:    3.5/4

Score: 18.5/20


Sandwich trekking

Posted in News by thesandwichclub on October 22, 2009

This weekend the club will be attending both Riverside and Roath Farmers Market and the Cowbridge Food and Drink Festival. We suggest you do the same. Heres the info:

Riverside Market

Cowbridge Food and Drink Festival

Harleys Coffee Shop, Morgan Arcade

Posted in Reviews by theequestrian on October 16, 2009

In a far distant future, where Decepticons rule the world, ITV has a decent programming schedule and Frankie Boyle is God, so too may Canton have a reasonable sandwich outlet*.

In the interests of equity, the clubbers ventured to the Pontacanna/Canton area of Cardiff. Alas, after an hour wandering about we could only find a ‘Dreggs, some greasy spoons and bistro café bars – not quite what we were after.

Hunger had definitely kicked in by now, so we got our march on and headed back to the arcades in town.  We stumbled across Harley’s Coffee Shop in Morgan Arcade.

Harley's Coffee Shop

From the outside it already looked appealing with the huge chalk board strewn across the shop front. Inside, the walls were all fully decked out in stage and musical prints. This didn’t seem to make sense, given the name, but maybe I missed something?

All in all the clubbers had: 3 sandwiches (ploughman’s, ham, garlic mushroom and cheese), 1 toastie (cheese).  Ordering was pleasurable, staff were quick, and we were asked to grab a table whilst they prepped the order.

Ploughmans Sandwich

First impressions were pretty joyous. Bread cut into four little triangles, just like being back in school at a birthday party (sadly minus the Party Rings and Panda Pops). The ingredients were good fair, lots of cheese, homemade coleslaw, ham that was more like a cut of gammon, and mushrooms which were, well fungi and garlicy! The toastie was a bit of a meal really, with the added salad and coleslaw, good for the hungrier clubber.

Lots on the menu between build your own sandwiches, soups, salads and a good selection of cakes (the flapjacks were delightful).

Cranberry Flapjak

Top notch, a great find and well worth a visit in the middle of a hectic working day. Check the scores, and go try it for yourself!

*If there are any good Canton/Pontcanna sandwich eateries, the clubbers would greatly like to know. Send us your suggestions!


Price:               3 /4

Taste:               3/4

Look:                3 /4

Service:           3/4

Originality:    2.5/4

Score: 14.5/20

The Sandwich Story, Wellfield Road

Posted in Reviews by thelowplainsdrifter on October 4, 2009

Wellfield Road on a Saturday is a hurried affair. The narrow pavements saturated by people are aligned with a myriad of cafes, bars, clothing shops and of course a Tesco extra. From across the road, through the rolling queue of traffic the Sandwich Story looks an inviting place to take a lunch break.

The Sandwich Story? A question we were about to ask upon arrival, until a glance at the menu board hanging over the polite staff waiting to serve us gazed my eye. Ordering your sandwich consists of three chapters. One, the bread, two, the filling and three the salad garnishes. The menu choice of sandwiches, Panini’s and sweet selection is fairly standard, but they did offer a Tea for two that added a quaint style that the interior design seemed to be aiming for.

After ordering a spicy chicken sandwich and a pork, stuffing and apple sandwich we sat down at one of a few tables they have inside. Presented on porcelain plates with the sandwiches cut into triangular halves they came garnished with a few crisps. Unfortunately the crisps were bacon flavour and to my personal taste this is one flavour I can not stand. It reminds me of my duke of Edinburgh expedition hike from my school days in which I consumed bacon flavour instant noodles for four days straight. Vomit inducing sigh and drama over, crisps consumed by a fellow sandwich club member.  I tuck into the pork, stuffing and apple on wholemeal bread free of any bacon smells and instantly taste the sharpness of the apple sauce. The components of this sandwich are a classic but the scarce amount of stuffing did leave me slightly disappointed. Well presented and well received but not a stellar performance from an establishment I am sure will keep improving with every visit.


Price:               3/4

Taste:               2/4

Look:               2.5/4

Service:           3/4

Originality:      2.5/4

Score: 13/20

Spicy chicken sandwich

shop front