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The Sandwich Story, Wellfield Road

Posted in Reviews by thelowplainsdrifter on October 4, 2009

Wellfield Road on a Saturday is a hurried affair. The narrow pavements saturated by people are aligned with a myriad of cafes, bars, clothing shops and of course a Tesco extra. From across the road, through the rolling queue of traffic the Sandwich Story looks an inviting place to take a lunch break.

The Sandwich Story? A question we were about to ask upon arrival, until a glance at the menu board hanging over the polite staff waiting to serve us gazed my eye. Ordering your sandwich consists of three chapters. One, the bread, two, the filling and three the salad garnishes. The menu choice of sandwiches, Panini’s and sweet selection is fairly standard, but they did offer a Tea for two that added a quaint style that the interior design seemed to be aiming for.

After ordering a spicy chicken sandwich and a pork, stuffing and apple sandwich we sat down at one of a few tables they have inside. Presented on porcelain plates with the sandwiches cut into triangular halves they came garnished with a few crisps. Unfortunately the crisps were bacon flavour and to my personal taste this is one flavour I can not stand. It reminds me of my duke of Edinburgh expedition hike from my school days in which I consumed bacon flavour instant noodles for four days straight. Vomit inducing sigh and drama over, crisps consumed by a fellow sandwich club member.  I tuck into the pork, stuffing and apple on wholemeal bread free of any bacon smells and instantly taste the sharpness of the apple sauce. The components of this sandwich are a classic but the scarce amount of stuffing did leave me slightly disappointed. Well presented and well received but not a stellar performance from an establishment I am sure will keep improving with every visit.


Price:               3/4

Taste:               2/4

Look:               2.5/4

Service:           3/4

Originality:      2.5/4

Score: 13/20

Spicy chicken sandwich

shop front


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