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Harleys Coffee Shop, Morgan Arcade

Posted in Reviews by theequestrian on October 16, 2009

In a far distant future, where Decepticons rule the world, ITV has a decent programming schedule and Frankie Boyle is God, so too may Canton have a reasonable sandwich outlet*.

In the interests of equity, the clubbers ventured to the Pontacanna/Canton area of Cardiff. Alas, after an hour wandering about we could only find a ‘Dreggs, some greasy spoons and bistro café bars – not quite what we were after.

Hunger had definitely kicked in by now, so we got our march on and headed back to the arcades in town.  We stumbled across Harley’s Coffee Shop in Morgan Arcade.

Harley's Coffee Shop

From the outside it already looked appealing with the huge chalk board strewn across the shop front. Inside, the walls were all fully decked out in stage and musical prints. This didn’t seem to make sense, given the name, but maybe I missed something?

All in all the clubbers had: 3 sandwiches (ploughman’s, ham, garlic mushroom and cheese), 1 toastie (cheese).  Ordering was pleasurable, staff were quick, and we were asked to grab a table whilst they prepped the order.

Ploughmans Sandwich

First impressions were pretty joyous. Bread cut into four little triangles, just like being back in school at a birthday party (sadly minus the Party Rings and Panda Pops). The ingredients were good fair, lots of cheese, homemade coleslaw, ham that was more like a cut of gammon, and mushrooms which were, well fungi and garlicy! The toastie was a bit of a meal really, with the added salad and coleslaw, good for the hungrier clubber.

Lots on the menu between build your own sandwiches, soups, salads and a good selection of cakes (the flapjacks were delightful).

Cranberry Flapjak

Top notch, a great find and well worth a visit in the middle of a hectic working day. Check the scores, and go try it for yourself!

*If there are any good Canton/Pontcanna sandwich eateries, the clubbers would greatly like to know. Send us your suggestions!


Price:               3 /4

Taste:               3/4

Look:                3 /4

Service:           3/4

Originality:    2.5/4

Score: 14.5/20


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  1. The Falcon said, on October 17, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    A very good site, with good information about the eateries of cardiff might have to visit one two myself but i have some info you may not be aware of (tho this may not be historically acurate) It was named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, an 18th-century English aristocrat, although he was neither the inventor nor sustainer of the food. It is said that he ordered his valet to bring him meat tucked between two pieces of bread, and because Montague also happened to be the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, others began to order “the same as Sandwich!”[3] It is said that Lord Sandwich was fond of this form of food because it allowed him to continue playing cards, particularly cribbage, while eating without getting his cards greasy from eating meat with his bare hands.[3] so may question is in your opions clubber what is the greates sandwich for me the CHickend breast and salad reigns supreme 🙂

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