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The New York Deli, High Street Arcade

Posted in Reviews by thelowplainsdrifter on November 3, 2009

The city of Cardiff, home to the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff Castle, the worlds most vile street on a Saturday night (St Mary’s) and “The New York Deli”. Ignore the third homage point, but if the council are to promote some of Cardiff’s finer points, the NY deli is most certainly one of them. Granted it has nothing to do with the heritage of Cardiff or Wales, but the fact that it’s here is good enough.

The New York Deli

Like many of the world’s major cities that have China Towns and Little Italy’s, Cardiff has its very own mini New York in the confines of the Deli located in High Street Arcade. The days of the first shop are long gone but not forgotten. Jolt Cola, (which is now sadly banned in this country for its horrific levels of caffeine) some toasted rye bread and USA today, perched on a wooden bench staring across at Air Circus contemplating whether I should buy a yoyo or new skates is still fresh in my mind.

At the current shop, the counter is home to some of America’s finest ingredients for sandwich making. Pastrami, Salt Beef, Swiss cheese, Thousand Island dressing, and gherkins with a feast of confectionary delights perched on the top of the counter. I always stare at the brownies but opt for the Carrot Cake.

Reuben at eye level

This week the clubbers came in force, a four strong squad, each member ready for sandwich eating war, with talks of hoagies, grinders, clubs and cakes. This time, an order of 2 Reuben’s, a meatball grinder and a pastrami and Swiss cheese hoagie was made.

The Reuben at the New York Deli consists of Pastrami, Swiss cheese, coleslaw, gherkins and Thousand Island dressing. A huge sandwich is presented, with the colours alone scoring the sandwich highly, buts it’s the explosion of flavour that this sandwich delivers which gives it full marks. Meaty and fresh, a light sour taste is delivered by the gherkins that sit between the Thousand Island and coleslaw combination. This is a seriously good sandwich!

Reuben Sandwich

The meatball grinder, warmed in foil is a messy affair but the clubber remained silent throughout his consumption and finally stated “Amazing! But now I have to clean my face”. Be warned, meatball grinders come with plenty of sauce so extra napkins will be needed.

Meatball Grinder

The hoagie is a food marathon. An enormous submarine roll is piled with food that requires you to pick out filling before being able to close it into any form of holding sandwich. Our tip is to get a fork, eat half the contents alone, then fold the roll with the remaining filling inside and eat! The pictures say it all.

Pastrami and Swiss Cheese Hoagie


Price:               3 /4

Taste:               4/4

Look:                4 /4

Service:           3/4

Originality:    4/4

Score: 18/20


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  1. huw said, on November 5, 2009 at 10:03 am

    Hugh boy is going to cream his Morocco tracksuit when he sees this. Cracking review!

  2. The Platik Pass « the sandwich club said, on March 14, 2011 at 11:58 am

    […] Check out our review here. […]

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