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K2 Coffee House, Llandaff

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on November 15, 2009

Cold, wet, sleep deprived, windswept, anxious – these are just some of the words that could be used to describe my current mental and physical state on this wintery Friday afternoon.

Lunch has beckoned and a short walk to Llandaff village is on the cards. Maybe not the wisest decision given the amount of stodgy leaves and puddles on the floor, but this clubber needs nicotine and a much needed 10 minutes out of the office!

The K2 Coffee House is a fair sized establishment on Llandaff high street. It has plenty of seating both inside and out, and on the menu is a plethora of homemade dishes such as lasagne, soups, jacket potatoes and of course sandwiches. There is also a wide selection of cakes – carrot, profiteroles, flapjacks, brownies etc, etc.

K2 Coffee House

Today’s special is hot roast beef baguette with horseradish and salad (they obviously saw my sorry state walking up the road!). Service is quick; however this place can get very busy at times what with UWIC, the WJEC and the BBC all in close proximity.

The cook brought out my baguette, nicely wrapped in a bag, and I’m greeted with:

“Beef Baguette? You’re gonna enjoy that one mate!”

Obviously he is as confident in his abilities.

Back at the office, the smell and warmth is very welcoming given my current drenched state.

My Wet Shoes

However, whilst there is nothing wrong with its execution, I’m in no way bowled over. The roast beef is thick and tasty, salad is crisp, but it’s a bit skimpy on the horseradish for my tastes.

Hot Beef & Horseradish Baguette

Today, this was fairly standard fair and at £2.75 pretty average in price. However, they are capable of better, and their sandwiches are always tasty and overflowing with filling. In summary – a decent lunch break stop.


Price:               2.5/4

Taste:              2.5/4

Look:               2.5/4

Service:           3.5/4

Originality:     2/4

Score: 13/20 (Coincidentally it is Friday the 13th today, strange!!)


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  1. theequestrian said, on November 27, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    Well, I made a vist to K2 today. It all looks very appealing, and there’s some nice looking home made goodies on offer (cakes, corned beef pie).

    I ordered the special which was hot turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce on BROWN bread. Service was fine, however it turned up on WHITE bread. Quite a bit of an error I think seen as the person taking my order wrote it down when I relayed to her my order, and it was her who asked me what bread I wanted!

    The sandwich tasted fine, but I must agree that there is something lacking.

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