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WOW Deli, Churchill Way

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on December 6, 2009

Wow Deli is situated just on Churchill Way (For the unfamiliar, it used to be Glo Deli). You have the option of eating next door in the bar, or grabbing take out from the actual deli. It’s a compact affair, with a wide selection of fillings and the special being a different hot roast meat each day. Bread wise its thick cut and freshly baked. Thick cut being an understatement – this place is not for the carb-intake conscious, check out this massive wedge:

Three different sandwiches were ordered:

Lamb and mint

A classic combination of flavours which this clubber thoroughly enjoyed. However, slightly too much yoghurt in the filling over powered the lamb.

Chicken & Chorizo

Fresh crusty granary bread, large chicken pieces and chopped chorizo with salad. This was great, the chicken wasn’t drenched with mayo just to bulk it out and the chorizo wasn’t overpowering – little hits coming through every so often. Very filling

Hot Meat of the Day (Pork and Apple)

Thickly cut pork off the joint with a tangy apple sauce, certainly value for money and great on this cold afternoon.

This is a highly recommended establishment. Check out their website and make it the first stop on your next lunch break!


Price:               4/4

Taste:              4/4

Look:               4/4

Service:           3/4

Originality:     3/4

Score: 18/20


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  1. John said, on December 7, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    Just had a sandwich from Wow deli. Hot meat of the day was Roast Pork. So I opted for Roast pork, apple sauce and stuffing. Im so full, the sandwich had a real weight to it. Very sleepy now. For £3.20 I honestly can’t think of anywhere else that can match that sandwich on price.

    A great review, thanks for the heads up sandwich club

  2. […] Wow was reviewed some time ago, many trips have since been made and it’s good to acknowledge its progression or […]

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