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Dough…, Salisbury Road

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on December 15, 2009

Today is Saturday. The rain is ridiculous. Any sane person would be tucked up indoors watching Saturday Kitchen, Football Focus and the afternoon matinee.  But not us, there is work to do and for the Sandwich Club that means eating, discussing and reviewing.

We trek over to Dough… on Salisbury Road, seen as it’s on the way to town.*

It’s a cosy little place with plenty of welcoming staff and a fairly fun layout with an abundance of little name tags all over the various delights on offer. On this occasion a Thai chicken sandwich, Malaysian chicken baguette and a special order (read further down) was ordered. The Malaysian chicken was refreshing with a mild hint of mint and slight creaminess that matched well with the fresh crusty baguette it was served in. The Thai chicken sandwich however, was slightly disappointing with no hint of coconut or spice that was a rather bland experience and left this particular clubber regretting not going for the hot meat option.

As the tSC is gaining in readership, this week a fan of the club also came along for Saturdays antics. We felt it was only right for them to write their own review. Here’s what our DFA1979 aficionado thought:

I had a fair bit of difficulty choosing from the many fillings but the lovely staff offered a half and half baguette! I snapped up their offer and had the best of both worlds, opting for half pesto chicken with olives, salad and no butter (to maximise taste) and sweet chilli chicken with extra sweet chilli sauce, both on a brown bread baguette. It looked too good to eat, but that sentiment didn’t last long as I got stuck in.

I started at the Italian end and wasn’t disappointed. The pesto was red and fresh and was complimented amazingly by green olives. Halfway through and I wished I had a full baguette of the Italian option, until I entered another world! A world where sweet chilli chicken rules all! The chicken was amazing and had a nice bite to it from the chilli sauce. This was my favourite side of the baguette. It was a true taste explosion!

To follow I had a Belgian chocolate flap jack. The texture was perfect and the chocolate was really creamy and not too filling. My verdict: Superb!


Price:               4/4

Taste:                3/4

Look:                3/4

Service:           4/4

Originality:    3/4

Score: 17/20

*One clubber needs a visit to town to buy a pink T-shirt. The reason – to fashion a homemade Death From Above 1979 piece of merchandising.


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