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Soul Food, Wanaka (NZ)

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on February 15, 2010

Soul food is a delightful organic deli come food store in the centre of the buzzing little town of Wanaka on New Zealand’s south island. As you walk through the door you’re instantly hit by all kinds of aromas which get your senses going. I walked to the counter browsing the well displayed menu proudly declaring the deli’s use of local and organic ingredients.

I asked the ever smiling waitress if they made any fresh sandwiches as none seemed to be on display in the well presented counter. The waitress happily replied no, but they were making some in the open kitchen behind and gave me options of what they could muster up. I chose to go for the Chicken on Focaccia bread and for my lady, some of their ‘yesterday’s muffins’, which were offered warm with butter. We both opted for a good old Chai Latte. The waitress told us to go find a seat and she’d bring the food and lattes to us.

To be truthful I was half expecting just a run of the mill chicken salad sandwich. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The waitress appeared about 10 minutes later with a tray adorned with what I can only describe as a medley of heavenly delights!

The sandwich was huge and well worth the wait and I have to say tasted as good as it looked. I could tell that care had been taken in getting this sandwich right as the combination of ingredients was impressive and layered perfectly to maximise taste. The chicken was fresh and set alight by a classic basil pesto topped with crispy lettuce, grated carrot, avocado, cucumber, caramelised onions and Brie, which was creamy and strong (we later found out that one of the owners makes the Brie themselves – this place just kept getting better and better!). This sandwich was exploding with taste and to set it off they provided a quarter of an orange to squeeze over the ingredients, which really did give a complimentary zest to the strong cheese.

The ‘Yesterday’s Muffins’ were equally as tasty and made us think if this is what yesterday’s muffins are like, today’s muffins must be even better. They were savoury with generous helpings of cheese in the mix and the butter topped them off nicely!

In all Soul Food is a must if you are visiting New Zealand and happen to be in the south island. The price is excellent, the service is top drawer and the food is amazing! The only crime is that this place is not in Cardiff!

Price: 4/4

Taste: 4/4

Look: 4/4

Service: 4/4

Originality: 4/4

Score: 20/20 (only problem is you have to fly around the other side of the world to eat there!)


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