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Dragons Kitchen, Castle Arcade

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on March 11, 2010

‘I want you to hit me as hard as you can!’*

Great words from a great book/film (cue opinionated discussion on the merits of Fight Club).

We at The Sandwich Club don’t like to pick a fight, however on this occasion a few punches need to be thrown at Dragon’s Kitchen.

From the outside it all looks very well presented with a light airy feel, ample seating, an iPod dock regurgitating background muzak and a little kid’s library.

There’s a definite Welsh theme to this new establishment, daffodils adorn each table and the menu drops the odd welsh ‘twist’ to some otherwise familiar dishes (more later).

We are urged to take a seat and we take an available table upstairs. Unfortunately this is still cluttered with the previous customer’s empties and it takes a good few minutes for it to be tidied up. We’re then asked for drinks to tie us over whilst we choose our food.

Coffees arrive and they taste pretty good. We give our orders – Crayfish Tails with dressing** on granary bloomer, Perl Las cheese*** with grape chutney on rustic baguette and ‘Dragons Breathe’ spicy chicken on sun dried tomato and olive bread.

Then the wait…and the wait…and more wait…our coffees by this time are all gone and we are still waiting. A chap who seems to be in charge scurries over and reassures both the table next to us and ourselves that the food is on its way and won’t be long.

And we still wait. Surely not a good sign for anyone tempted by something from their mains menu. If it takes this long to prepare a fresh sandwich you may be waiting a while.

At this point I’ll skip to the food.

Crayfish Tails with dressing on granary bloomer

‘It was essentially a prawn cocktail between two floppy bits of bread’ Far too much butter and furthermore there could be  information provided with regard to what the dressing was.

Perl Las with grape chutney on rustic baguette

The bread was very nice, and the whole dish was well presented. Good coleslaw, side salad and vegetable crisps. However, the proportions of the filling were all wrong. Big lumps of butter, the odd bit of cheese**** and a slight spreading of chutney, in parts I was eating not much more than bread and butter.

‘Dragons Breathe’ spicy chicken on sun dried tomato and olive bread

In other words coronation chicken, which comes as a bit of a disappointment, given the name. The bread was fairly good, but again the filling was lacking.

All in all this was not a good experience and this is reflected in our scoring. I sincerely hope they are able to iron out these failings quickly as this has potential given its location.

The first rule of Sandwich Club is…


Price: 1.5

Taste: 2

Look: 3

Service: 2

Originality: 2

Total: 10.5

*Tyler Durden, Fight Club


***I enquired to what type of cheese this was, what with not being a Welsh speaker, and the waiter had no clue as to what it was. I hope he had better luck with the French family sat opposite.

****it was a blue cheese (Perl Las means blue pearl)


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