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The Plan Cafe, Morgan Arcade Cardiff

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on April 7, 2010

The sheet of A4 says that this place is in the top 50 cafes in the UK in both The Guardian and The Independent.  I’m with my parents, let’s give this place a Jarrett family review.

We visit The Plan during half term and during a busy lunch time so the place is packed.  Luckily we spot a couple coming down the steps so hover until they’re out of the building and then leg it up the stairs.  A member of staff takes our orders after a minute or two and we debate how the candles on the chandelier are lit (given that it hangs between floors) while we await our lunch.

Mum goes for a cheese and tomato toastie, states that this isn’t going to be easy to score as it’s a cheese and tomato toastie and then is pleasantly surprised when it shows up with a nice little salad and some homemade coleslaw.  Other than that it contains both cheese and tomato between brown bread and tastes nice.

Dad goes for a baguette of home poached salmon with cucumber and lemon mayonnaise.  I don’t even like salmon much but this looks pretty good.  Jarrett senior is impressed by the lovely bread, as well as the fresh salmon.  Looks like this will rate highly too.

I’m worrying that like my Mum, mine might be difficult to review.  Ham and cheese toastie.  Again, I’m impressed by the salad and general presentation.  The salad has dressing which is very nice and I actually like and indeed eat the coleslaw.  As anyone that knows me will tell you, I’m more of a meat and cheese man.

The white bread is nice, the cheddar is tasty and there is plenty of fresh, meaty ham,  Meaty in the sense that it’s not the rubbery crap you get in supermarkets. 

All in all this place lives up to it’s reputation, clearly they use fresh ingredients and take a bit of care in their preparation.  The food wasn’t super quick in coming but neither were we drumming our fingers wondering where it was.  Each of our meals cost £5.40 which may be a bit pricey for a sarnie but overall was worth it to sit in a proper café as opposed to a kebab shop environment and for the fresh produce.  Simple food done well.

We all went for sandwiches for the purposes of the site but I’m assured by a friend that the butternut squash soup is to die for and the cakes are also amazing.

The Independent Top 50


Price: 3

Taste: 3.5

Look: 4

Service: 2.5

Originality: 2.5

 Total: 15.5

Matthew L Jarrett