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Mr Tikka, City Road

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on May 12, 2010

This review is pretty overdue, mainly because of the reviewer’s recent lack of free time. Anyway due to the pretty dismal performance this establishment gave, there has been little sleep lost.

This event occurred on a bank holiday Monday some time back. What better way to spend a few hours of leisure time than meeting a few friends, enjoying a sandwich and relaxing in the placid surroundings that is City Road!

Mr Tikka was the chosen venue and I must confess, from the outside didn’t look the most appealing, but it was close to home and there’s been a lack of reviews from this busy area of food outlets.

Inside and the decor was a pretty drab affair and the music was far from soothing. At first glance all the fillings seem to be chicken based (tikka, Cajun, piri piri, chaat, chilli, BBQ…etc etc, there’s probably even chicken flavour chicken too, but maybe they had run out)

I opted for a chicken chaat sandwich. I’m sure I’ve seen chicken chaat on takeaway and restaurant menus before but for the life of me I have no idea what it is. Sadly this was dire, two pieces of borderline stale white supermarket style ‘extra value’ bread surrounded minimal pieces of chicken, sprinkled with the odd piece of onion, pepper and lettuce, otherwise known as ‘salad’. When I had finished, I was left pretty disappointed, and the worst part was still not being any wiser as to what chicken chaat is.

Here’s what my colleagues thought of their choices:

Ok, I chose the piri piri chicken on baguette, with no butter, mixed olives, salad and red onion. When I asked if the piri piri was hot, the girl at the counter said ‘no’ which kind of defeated the object of having piri piri. She did let me try before I chose though, which was a nice touch. That wasn’t enough to save me from the boredom that the baguette actually brought to my taste buds. Unimaginative is probably the way I’d describe this. The filling was an adequate portion but didn’t give any of the punch you’d expect from piri piri. The one thing that did impress me was the fact that they were selling ‘Rubicon’ the lychee soft drink, which is probably the only reason I’d return to Mr Tikka in the near future.

Tikka Whatever. It’s got Tikka in its name.  I was hopeful of some flavoursome meat products, either in sauces or marinade.  My colleagues went for sauces so I plumped for ‘Spicy’.  It was yellow-ish in colour and I was hoping that it would be exactly what it said on the little label.  I turned down sandwich, wrap and naan in favour of a baguette.  The sandwich lady warned me it was dry and said I could mix it with other flavour.  I turned down the kind offer and went for a bit of garlic sauce with it instead.  I also had cheese, lettuce and mixed peppers.  It looked like this.

And now the assassination. The chicken didn’t taste of anything, I couldn’t taste the garlic, the cheese was mild and probably bought already grated.  It really was very bland.  I don’t know what else to say, there were no real flavours to discuss.  This is a pity because the woman behind the counter seemed nice.  My can of Coke didn’t even have any sod in it.


Price: 2.5

Taste: 1

Look: 1

Service: 3

Originality: 1

Total: 8.5