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Britannia Shellfish, Slapton, Devon

Posted in Features by thesandwichclub on August 9, 2010

“The wonders of the sea” – picture a fisherman in his cagoule, staring out beyond the waves. This is what will be running through his mind (this could also be a woman, as they too have been known to fish).

Well, some of these wonders are certainly present in one of the finest sandwiches this clubber has ever experienced.

On a visit to Slapton in Devon, the roads are a maze of hedgerows and combined with the smell of both agriculture and sea can leave you slightly disorientated. However, after losing all sense of direction and almost crashing into a stone wall, a small beach called Bee Sands presented itself.

On first glance, apart from a few moored fishing boats, a typical beach car park was the only civil infrastructure. The doors opened and the smell of fish was blinding. Yes blinding, a smell that can impair vision! It was from this point on that it was known, more than just a car park existed at this beach.

And there it was, as evolution intended – A crab shack on a beach. It was clear with the crab and lobster traps tied together, scattering the pebble beach, drying in the sun after being hauled in that very morning from the oceans depths, that Britannia foods had their shellfish game on lockdown.

It was simple and best described in steps numbered in roman numerals:

i).         Walk through the door

ii).        Look right to locate fridge full of fresh crab, lobster and prawns as well as home made sandwiches and salads

iii).       Purchase crab sandwich

In present tense, the sandwich consists of white and brown meat served on wholemeal bread. No alternative bread source is offered which suggests the owners understand flavours and have already optimised the fundamental component, bread. The crab meat sings in your mouth and is chilled to a perfect temperature.

In short, if you are ever near Slapton, no….scrap that, if your in Devon, or to our American readers, if your in London, England, make sure you take a visit.


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