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Nigel Slaters boxing day sandwich

Posted in Features by thesandwichclub on December 30, 2010

The other day my housemate and I sat down to watch the TV and as per usual there was nothing to our tastes worth watching. This is when iplayers and such like become very useful. The on demand button was pressed and trawling through the myriad of shows on offer, one that stood out immediately was Nigel Slater’s cookery show that first aired on channel 4 in 1998! One of the episodes is dedicated entirely to the humble sandwich. Cue the inevitable sandwich porn innuendos and we were watching the construction of some of foods finest creations including a delectable Muffuletta.

Nigel Slater is clearly an admirer of the sandwich, dedicating TV shows and book chapters to the science of sandwich making. More recently I found this article in the Guardian that typifies his admiration. Behold, Nigel Slaters “boxing day” sandwich. Check out his article here.

As Nigel says “there is no better sandwich than the one I make on Boxing Day with the bits left over from the day before”


Serious eats in 2010

Posted in News by thesandwichclub on December 29, 2010

Over at seriouseats there is a sublime slideshow of some of their serious eats of 2010. The images shown below are some of my favourite. In particular the Grilled Cubanos which consist of ham, roast pork, swiss cheese, dill pickles and yellow mustard. Be sure to check the rest. Thanks to selectism for the story.


Posted in News by thesandwichclub on December 24, 2010

*made by a fan (Becca) of t.SC. Bought by Dan (fan).

Wow Deli vs Barely Regal Records

Posted in Features by thesandwichclub on December 24, 2010

I recently met up with my good friend and one half of Barely Regal Records’ Matt Fidler. He had previously expressed an interest in the sandwich club so it was only right to invite him for a sandwich outing. On this particular day we went with Matt’s Wow Deli suggestion.


Although Wow was reviewed some time ago, many trips have since been made and it’s good to acknowledge its progression or lack of.

As the cold weather conditions the last few weeks have been severely noticeable the intense heat oozing beyond the delis entrance was much welcomed. For me, the hot meat option consisting of turkey, cranberry and stuffing was the simplest decision. Matt ordered the chicken and chorizo wedge sandwich and depending on your server can consist of half a bread loaf sliced in two.


The deli’s seating option is limited to only a few tables and chairs outside the front of the shop. In the summer this is a welcomed option to indulge in some sandwich eating but in minus temperatures we take the short walk back to my house. This resulted in my hot meat option becoming a frustratingly cold one.

The progression of Wow since last year has been fairly minimal. But is this a bad thing? The sandwiches are still some of the most stands out in Cardiff but perhaps my many visits now leave me uninspired by the selection of fillings. In the case of Wow, I guess the idiom “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” certainly applies.

*Note: I will promise to improve on the phone camera pictures. Hopefully santa drops off an SLR.