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Cocorico Patisserie

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on January 2, 2011

It may have surprised us early this year but the inevitable snow day came where offices closed their doors and shops were raided for milk, bread and tins of soup. The Sandwich Club once again took advantage of the snowy weather, making a visit to Cocorico Patisserie.

Cocorico is a fairly new establishment specialising in French cakes and patisseries, the proprietors being French themselves. In addition to the bakery, there is a small café serving a selection of fresh baguettes, croque-monsieur, pastries and cakes.

First up was ham, emmental cheese and wholegrain mustard on a white baguette*. The bread was superb, having been baked fresh, and came topped off with a variety of seeds. The baguette was on the smaller size, but I liked this as I find most ‘normal’ sized baguettes just too much bread. The ingredients were fresh and all very tasty, a generous helping of rocket finishing it off perfectly.

Second was black forest ham, avocado and sun dried tomato on a brown baguette. Again the fresh homemade bread was a great starting point. The flavour of the ham was excellent and the overall flavour of the ingredients was very well balanced.

The service was welcoming and friendly and the prices were pretty reasonable for a sit in sandwich and drink. Other points of note were the tea being served in a FORLIFE teapot infuser (see previous post) and although not tasted on this occasion, the cakes by all accounts are pretty special and also very reasonably priced. An excellent establishment and well worth the trip.


Price: 3

Taste: 4

Look: 3



Total: 16/20


*Originally both sandwiches were requested on brown baguettes. However, they only had one brown bread baguette left. In the interests of fairness a decision was made via the trusted method of paper, scissors, stone.


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