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PiPi’s, Church Street, Cardiff

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on January 20, 2011

A good crowd was in attendance for the first full outing of 2011.  PiPi’s was the final destination after much in depth discussion on a suitable venue.

Greek cuisine is the order of the day with a fine selection of Greek cakes and savouries at the counter. Tucked away at the rear of the store is a fridge with a small selection of sandwich fillings.  A notice states that you can select up to 4 ingredients for a set price of £3.45 to eat in and £2.95 to take away.


The ingredients on offer are limited and out of the four attendees, I’m the only one to go for a sandwich! I chose salami, ham, olives and sun dried tomatoes on brown bread.

The other selections were as follows:

1x vegetarian penirili

2x spinach & ricotta slice

Here’s how it all rated, along with notable quote:

Vegetarian Penirli – feta, black olives and tomato.

“dough is amazing”

Spinach & Feta Slice

“hungry and it worked”

Ham, Salami, Olives, Sun dried Tomatoes, brown bread

“stiff meat”

Bundaberg ginger beer

Info on Australian Ginger Beer


“Delicious. Very sweet!”

Overall it was a slightly disappointing sandwich selection, but this isn’t really what they specialise in. Although reasonably priced, some of the sandwich ingredients weren’t the freshest. The big disappointment was that salad counted as one of the 4 choices of ingredients! It’s a bit like having to pay extra to have seats put in a car, surely a little bit of rocket or lettuce could have come ‘as standard’.

The spinach and feta slices were a bit bland with the balance of feta to spinach not right, even the pastry seemed undercooked at the bottom.

Despite being underwhelmed by the slices their pastries are on the whole pretty good. PiPi’s is probably a better place to go  and relax with a strong black coffee and one of their home made Greek pastries.


Price: 2.5

Taste: 2.5

Look: 2

Service: 3

Originality: 3

Total: 13/20

(Although not the greatest score for it’s sandwiches, PiPi’s must be one of the only outlet’s I’ve come across in Cardiff to sell such a wide selection of Greek pastries.)


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