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British Sandwich Awards

Posted in News by thesandwichclub on February 22, 2011

Each year the British Sandwich Association holds it’s industry awards called ‘The Sammies’. There are various categories including one for Independent Sandwich Bar of the Year.

Deadline for entries is the 1st March.

Sandwich Awards


Happy Valentines Day from t.SC

Posted in News by thesandwichclub on February 14, 2011

That famous sandwich, the cucumber sandwich, has been made all the more soppy this week by Sanisbury’s introduction of the ‘Heart Shaped cucumber’.

Here at the Sandwich Club we have a few more suggestions for next year:

  • The ‘LUV’ Sandwich (Lettuce, Uh-nion & Vegemite)
  • A Heart Shaped loaf
  • Edible flowers

love t.SC  ♥

Heart shaped cucumber

The Sandwich Club Map!

Posted in News by thesandwichclub on February 4, 2011

On the Sandwich Club you will find many reviews of the sandwich outlets in Cardiff.  To collate these reviews into a more easily digestible (arf.) format, we have constructed the Sandwich Club Sandwich Map!

Here’s what the map looks like

Here’s where you can find the full version on Google Maps

Sandwich Club Map

Each place has a photo of one of their typical sandwiches (with exception of Cafe Minuet), a brief description, and a link to both their own website if they have one and to our Sandwich Club review. The map will be updated as and when a new review goes up and it has its own page linked in the ‘Contact Us’ section.

Hope you find it interesting and useful. Please feel free to get in contact with any comments you may have.


Fresh, Royal Arcade

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on February 3, 2011

Last year we took our first visit to Fresh in Royal Arcade.  Impressed by what it had to offer we thought it deserved an updated write up, so much so we’ve been there twice in nearly the same number of weeks.

Tucked away in a tiny space just along from Wally’s Deli. Fresh is consistently very very good, with the owners having a real passion for what they do. They specialise in baguettes (no sandwiches!) and also have a range of paninis, salads, cakes and drinks. The chalk board is crammed with a wide variety of staple fillings as well as some very intriguing  daily specials.

Lunchtimes will often mean a queue out the door and down the arcade but service is very good and you don’t have to wait long. Here’s a sample of what we’ve had from Fresh recently.

Salami, pastrami, caramalised onion, mustard, mayo and salad on brown baguette

Ham, chicken, dill pickles, gherkins, mustard on brown baguette

Friday special (28/01/2011): Asian pork balls panini with super special homemade chilli sauce!

We even got to sample the home made chilli sauce that comprised twelve ingredients whilst waiting for the paninis to toast:

The clubbers were pretty unanimous on the the fact that this was one of THE BEST fillings we have tasted. Fresh do it right, they are friendly, inventive and know what the customer wants. They are one of the best in Cardiff.

Follow Fresh on Twitter to keep up to date with the daily specials and whats going on:

Fresh Twitter


Price: 3

Taste: 4

Look: 4

Service: 4

Originality: 4

Total: 19/20