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The Muffuletta

Posted in Features by thesandwichclub on March 18, 2011

After watching various food programmes and reading recipe books and blogs, there has been one sandwich that has cropped up on a number of occasions – The muffuletta.

It originated from the round Sicilian sesame bread and later developed in New Orleans into the sandwich we recognise today.

The traditional muffuletta starts off with a focaccia-type bread being sliced horizontally. The bread is covered with a healthy drizzle of olive oil, a marinated olive salad called ‘Giardiniera‘, meats such as capicola, salami, peperoni and ham, emmental or provolone cheese, and then cut into quarters.

Our take on the muffuletta was as follows:

Poppy seed bloomer

Olives stuffed with pimento

Artichoke hearts

Roasted peppers

Smoked Brunswick ham

3 types of german salami

Spanish Manchego cheese


Grated carrot


Salt & Pepper

Extra virgin olive oil


Firstly, slice the bread lengthways.

Drizzle with oil. We added chopped olives rather than the full on Giardiniera.

Add the ham and salami.

Layer the peppers, artichoke hearts and season. Then pile up the tomato, grated carrot and rocket.

Add the Manchego cheese and spread coleslaw and mustard

Next is to wrap in grease proof paper and compress down. We chose a full kettle as ballast.

This needs to be left for the flavours to infuse and the juices to soak up into the bread.

Slice into quarters and serve.



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