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The Koffee Pot, Manchester

Posted in Features, Reviews by thesandwichclub on March 28, 2011

One half of the sandwich club made a trip to Manchester for a friends stag celebrations. The weekend started with a Frunch (Fresh for lunch) trip on the way to Cardiff Central station. The Fresh special of the day was cherry tomatoes marinated in roasted garlic oil, mint, capers and red onion with wild rocket and chicken. Superb as usual.

The train journey seemed to take a tour past several English football stadia. The afternoon of ‘stadium spotting’ was supplemented by several cans of a well known Jamaican lager and an amazing slice of Fresh chocolate brownie.

On arrival in Manchester we checked into a hostel that lived up to every ‘Mad-chester’ indie stereotype*

There were many high/low-lights of the weekend, quality ales, prolonged heavy drinking, a hungover amateur level 6 a side football match, an extremely dire Welsh footballing performance, a jockey outfit, free toast, and a brilliant, if not somewhat bizzarly set, sub-£5-curry**.

Sunday morning and with hangovers onboard we went on the search for suitable nourishment. We stopped at the Koffee Pot. I had been there before on a previous trip to Manchester some years ago. It was very good then and again it didnt disappoint.

I originally ordered the goats cheese and pepper hot ‘posh’ sandwich. This comes on ciabatta bread with fries, dill pickle and coleslaw. When placing my order I was informed that only breakfast items are served on the weekend. With this in mind, I went instead for the Smoked haddock rarebit on toasted crumpets with tabasco tomatoes and poached egg.

It was a superb breakfast and totally justifed our decision to leave the other half of our party at Wetherspoons. We left Manchester wishing for a swift end to our hangovers, at least we got to enjoy the return leg of National Rails English football stadia tour on the way home.

*the Mick Hucknall jacuzzi was out of order, probably

**plastic bucket seats, an owner who was angered by an order of rice, and no chicken curry

The Koffee Pot


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