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Product Round-Up: Stubby Beer’s

Posted in Features by thesandwichclub on July 22, 2011

In a slightly off topic opening paragraph I’m going to tell you about an activity that was meant to form part of this summer. It was sometime last year that myself and a friend decided on creating and instigating an indie-punk bowls team, the perfect ‘sport’ for those long sunny British summer evenings. To date, this has not happened…


This summer’s weather can once again be described as ‘predictably unpredictable’ and not ideal conditions for a regular regime of indie-punk bowling.

So, in a hopeful attempt at bringing some European sunniness to the Sandwich Club, it’s been decided to round up the main contenders in the supermarket-own-brand-ideal-for-any-barbeque-stubby-bottle-beer category.

It was Tesco Biere Speciale that started it all off for us, and now it comes with the welcome addition of an American style ‘screw’ cap. As demonstrated here:

To summarise some of the other main contenders we’ve put together a table of vital statistics, including the king of continental lagers Stella Artois as a comparison.

So there we go. Seen as we have written an article involving alcohol, we feel obliged to give some sort of health warning:



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