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The sandwich club consists of several individuals, all sharing a passion and desire to brief readers on the available sandwich stores across the land (But, starting in Cardiff, Wales). Of course, food is a personal taste and the perfect sandwich for one can provide total incompleteness for another. Reviews of eatery delights will be written and posted.

In three minutes, 98 percent of all the matter there is or will ever be has been produced. We have a universe. It is a place of the most wondrous and gratifying possibility, and beautiful, too. And it was all done in about the time it takes to make a sandwich.”      Bill Bryson

We aso reside here:





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  1. Kas said, on January 25, 2010 at 12:00 am

    Hope you are well
    Im writing from the teahouse. Hope you enjoyed your visit.
    You are right – in our first year we have concentrated on getting our teas/coffees and cakes right. The old adage of do little, but do it well.
    We serve afternoon tea, which is comprised of homemade scones served with clotted cream and jam, cakes, tea and finger sandwiches (salmon cream cheese and chives, goats cheese salad, humous and roasted vegetables, chicken avocado and salad, etc).
    I read your piece with interest as conicidently enough, this week we are having a staff get together to devise a new food menu. We are lucky to have some foodies working with us at the moment, so it seemed like a good time to change things.

    These are our current thoughts –
    4 fixed paninis
    4 fixed sandwiches
    4 fixed salads
    create your own option (which we have always had, but not highlighted enough (on the bottom of the current menu)
    special of the day
    soup of the day.

    I would like to get your thoughts on this – if you have time.
    what fixed paninis/sandwiches/salads would you like to see on the menu – or to put it another way, if the place was yours, what would you put on the menu.

    if this message goes out to all who view your website, then i would love to hear suggestions from anyone who has any ‘must-have’ fillings in mind.

    we are looking to go live with the new menu in mid feb.

    Lots of Love

  2. Captain Farrell said, on July 20, 2010 at 11:17 pm

    Love the club and love the sandwich reviews and stories! I too love a fine sandwich and have been drooling over some of your pics.

    May I suggest a sandwich shop that I havent seen reviewed here?

    La Mina Juice Bar opposite The Globe on Albany Rd.

    Fresh cooked baguettes and tasty fillings

  3. Captain Farrell said, on July 20, 2010 at 11:19 pm

    Oops got so excited I forgot to say

    Best Regards and all that.


  4. dobish said, on September 15, 2010 at 5:53 am

    how do i join this club? i have a love for sandwiches, as well as a sandwich blog…. 🙂

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