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The Rollin’ Hot Dog Co.

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on January 18, 2014

“It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing but it tastes like a dream”*

These are the words of Frankfurter entrepreneur and founder of the The Rollin’ Hot Dog Co. Based at the Cardiff Fashion Quarter on Womanby Street, this an all in one fully mobile  hot dog unit serving up tasty frankfurters with a variety of flavourful toppings, available as vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Rollin Hot Dog Menu

Rollin Hot Dog Menu

We rolled up to the hot dog stall on a cold Saturday afternoon. The menu has just the right amount of choice, with nothing over the top to boggle the mind and confuse the senses, which is a good thing given our Christmas party hangovers from the night before.

Philly Devil

Philly Devil

Christmas Dog

Christmas Dog

Philly Devil – fried onions, cream cheese, salami, red and green jalapeño

The salami was easy going on the spice and more of a chorizo than Italian or German style salami. Personally I’d prefer a salami with a little more kick to it, but you can always add some extra jalapenos if you like it hotter! Cream cheese was a good ratio to the frankfurter and added a good dash of lubrication to proceedings. I went for the seeded roll but there is a plain option as well.

Christmas Dog – stuffing, gravy, cranberry, onions

The gravy was hot and rich, and the stuffing and cranberry combo gave the dog the festive cockle-warming flavour I was hoping for. The soft seeded roll was perfect for the gravy too. Just right for a rough-around-the-edges Saturday snack.

Service gets a massive thumbs up; chatty, friendly and not made to feel rushed just to get to serve the next customer.  With an excellent price point to boot, these are definitely top dogs!

This is a very new venture but already it’s proving popular so it’ll be exciting to see what develops in the coming year for The Rollin’ Hot Dog Co.

Full contact details and opening times here.

* this was in reference to the Christmas Dog and does not apply to the full range of dogs!



Posted in News, Reviews by thesandwichclub on January 7, 2014

Danish Monster 6.2% IPA

Part of the Celt Experience ‘Shapeshifter’ series, an exceptional beer from an exceptional brewery.

Celt Shapeshifters Danish Monster

Celt Shapeshifters Danish Monster

Angry Collaboration – with a twist of lemon from CeltExperience on Vimeo.


Can’t wait to see the results of their collaboration with Hang Fire Smokehouse.

Saturday Night Fooding

Posted in Features, Reviews by thesandwichclub on March 13, 2012

Saturday evening commnced with food at Cardiff’s Chapter Art centre and a lovely pint of Kaltenberg Hell. Here’s the harissa chicken burger with fries, freshly made coleslaw and sour cream. Although very tasty, considering it was meant to have been flavoured with harissa I was expecting a lot more of a spicy kick to it.

After finishing our burgers attention turned of where to go next. A surprising suggestion was a visit to Pontypridd (just on the outskirts of Cardiff heading towards the Welsh Valleys). Anyone who is familiar with Pontypridd or to give it its more glamorous nickname ‘Ponty’, may be wondering WHY? Well this was my exact thought however I was assured that a trip to the Bunch of Grapes pub would be well worth the £4 train fare, possible bare-knuckle fight with post-rugby international day revellers and colourful locals.

So after a short train journey we arrived in Ponty and proceeded to walk for about 20 minutes through the main town centre. Out of nowhere at the end of a residential street appeared the very traditional looking Bunch of Grapes pub

Inside it was a relief to find not a single Fosters, Carling or Strongbow in sight. Instead the wonderful Brooklyn Beer resided on draught (Brooklyn Brown Ale and Pale Ale were available in bottled form) alongside a selection of Otley ales, Sierra Nevada and local guest ales.

After several beers, attention turned of course to more food. Being late at night, and after already consuming a burger and fries earlier in the evening, somehow the ‘confit leg of mallard’ didn’t seem appropriate. Instead two cheese platters were ordered and quickly devoured. Delicious.


No Cheese.

Butter. Not Cheese.

The Bunch of Grapes is well worth checking out and there’s a lot of events coming up including a cheese night, cooking classes and a even a live male voice choir this coming weekend!

Words & Pics: hypervaluevalue

Wally’s Kaffeehaus

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on December 24, 2011

Wally’s Delicatessen is something of a local legend, known for it great selection of olives, meats, cheese and foods from around the world. My first memory of Wallys was as a very young boy and my grandad making the short journey from Newport to get, amongst other delights, molokhia leaves to make molokhia soup (an Egyptian soup that he made with neck of lamb).

Located above the deli is Wally’s Kaffeehaus where they strive to ‘uphold all the traditions’ of Viennese-style coffee houses by serving a selection of Northern European inspired open sandwiches, as well as breakfasts, desserts and of course coffee!

I had the Baden which consisted of German dark smoked black ham, Hereford Hop cheese and ploughman’s chutney with green salad, chopped balsamic onions and sliced pear, served on wholegrain seeded bread. I was quite impressed by the ‘picky’ look of the presentation, lots of bits and pieces to graze on and mix up to get different flavours with each mouthful rather than just the same tastes you usually get with your traditional sandwich or baguette. It feels more like eating a meal really and of course requires cutlery.

It was very good and the ingredients of course were top notch given the plentiful supply from the downstairs deli! It’s not the cheapest though, you’ll be looking at over £10 if you have a sandwich, drink and desert. Also it’s probably not recommended as a quick eat on a lunch break, we did have to wait for a table and space is fairly limited. But this isn’t what Wally’s are going for. The tradition of the kaffeehaus is to take your time so making a quick take away bagel would be kind of against their ethos.

Overall it’s a place well worth checking out on a lazy saturday afternoon.


Price: 2

Taste: 4

Look: 4

Service: 3

Originality: 4

Total: 17/20

Cafe Kino, Bristol

Posted in News, Reviews by thesandwichclub on September 20, 2011

We recently made a long overdue trip to Bristol. The primary purpose of our journey was to see Kurt Vile playing at the The Fleece (who was excellent) but also as an attempt to sample some of the local eateries.

It seems we didn’t head to Bristol earlier enough and after exploring Park Street, Stokes Croft and St Nicholas Market we were a bit late for the lunchtime sandwich trade. A special mention should go to St Nicholas Market which contained some amazing looking food stalls and cafe’s especially the gloriously titled Sourdough Cafe, this alone justifies a return trip to Bristol!

After a fair bit of walking we settled on Cafe Kino, just opposite The Crofts music venue, which from the outside looked very welcoming. We both went for the spicy option of the Kino Burger. This was a lovingly crafted home made burger that came with mayo, salad, a fennel seed relish, home made ketchup and an option of chips. The price was very good,  £4.00 burger or £5.80 avec des frites.


We would highly recommend this, the food service and atmosphere were all excellent and from the posters on the inside there seemed to be regular events on there as well. The only disappointment was that the burger had zero spice to it, despite going for the spicy option!

Cafe Kino

St Nicholas Market

Sourdough Cafe

The Koffee Pot, Manchester

Posted in Features, Reviews by thesandwichclub on March 28, 2011

One half of the sandwich club made a trip to Manchester for a friends stag celebrations. The weekend started with a Frunch (Fresh for lunch) trip on the way to Cardiff Central station. The Fresh special of the day was cherry tomatoes marinated in roasted garlic oil, mint, capers and red onion with wild rocket and chicken. Superb as usual.

The train journey seemed to take a tour past several English football stadia. The afternoon of ‘stadium spotting’ was supplemented by several cans of a well known Jamaican lager and an amazing slice of Fresh chocolate brownie.

On arrival in Manchester we checked into a hostel that lived up to every ‘Mad-chester’ indie stereotype*

There were many high/low-lights of the weekend, quality ales, prolonged heavy drinking, a hungover amateur level 6 a side football match, an extremely dire Welsh footballing performance, a jockey outfit, free toast, and a brilliant, if not somewhat bizzarly set, sub-£5-curry**.

Sunday morning and with hangovers onboard we went on the search for suitable nourishment. We stopped at the Koffee Pot. I had been there before on a previous trip to Manchester some years ago. It was very good then and again it didnt disappoint.

I originally ordered the goats cheese and pepper hot ‘posh’ sandwich. This comes on ciabatta bread with fries, dill pickle and coleslaw. When placing my order I was informed that only breakfast items are served on the weekend. With this in mind, I went instead for the Smoked haddock rarebit on toasted crumpets with tabasco tomatoes and poached egg.

It was a superb breakfast and totally justifed our decision to leave the other half of our party at Wetherspoons. We left Manchester wishing for a swift end to our hangovers, at least we got to enjoy the return leg of National Rails English football stadia tour on the way home.

*the Mick Hucknall jacuzzi was out of order, probably

**plastic bucket seats, an owner who was angered by an order of rice, and no chicken curry

The Koffee Pot

Fresh, Royal Arcade

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on February 3, 2011

Last year we took our first visit to Fresh in Royal Arcade.  Impressed by what it had to offer we thought it deserved an updated write up, so much so we’ve been there twice in nearly the same number of weeks.

Tucked away in a tiny space just along from Wally’s Deli. Fresh is consistently very very good, with the owners having a real passion for what they do. They specialise in baguettes (no sandwiches!) and also have a range of paninis, salads, cakes and drinks. The chalk board is crammed with a wide variety of staple fillings as well as some very intriguing  daily specials.

Lunchtimes will often mean a queue out the door and down the arcade but service is very good and you don’t have to wait long. Here’s a sample of what we’ve had from Fresh recently.

Salami, pastrami, caramalised onion, mustard, mayo and salad on brown baguette

Ham, chicken, dill pickles, gherkins, mustard on brown baguette

Friday special (28/01/2011): Asian pork balls panini with super special homemade chilli sauce!

We even got to sample the home made chilli sauce that comprised twelve ingredients whilst waiting for the paninis to toast:

The clubbers were pretty unanimous on the the fact that this was one of THE BEST fillings we have tasted. Fresh do it right, they are friendly, inventive and know what the customer wants. They are one of the best in Cardiff.

Follow Fresh on Twitter to keep up to date with the daily specials and whats going on:

Fresh Twitter


Price: 3

Taste: 4

Look: 4

Service: 4

Originality: 4

Total: 19/20

PiPi’s, Church Street, Cardiff

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on January 20, 2011

A good crowd was in attendance for the first full outing of 2011.  PiPi’s was the final destination after much in depth discussion on a suitable venue.

Greek cuisine is the order of the day with a fine selection of Greek cakes and savouries at the counter. Tucked away at the rear of the store is a fridge with a small selection of sandwich fillings.  A notice states that you can select up to 4 ingredients for a set price of £3.45 to eat in and £2.95 to take away.


The ingredients on offer are limited and out of the four attendees, I’m the only one to go for a sandwich! I chose salami, ham, olives and sun dried tomatoes on brown bread.

The other selections were as follows:

1x vegetarian penirili

2x spinach & ricotta slice

Here’s how it all rated, along with notable quote:

Vegetarian Penirli – feta, black olives and tomato.

“dough is amazing”

Spinach & Feta Slice

“hungry and it worked”

Ham, Salami, Olives, Sun dried Tomatoes, brown bread

“stiff meat”

Bundaberg ginger beer

Info on Australian Ginger Beer


“Delicious. Very sweet!”

Overall it was a slightly disappointing sandwich selection, but this isn’t really what they specialise in. Although reasonably priced, some of the sandwich ingredients weren’t the freshest. The big disappointment was that salad counted as one of the 4 choices of ingredients! It’s a bit like having to pay extra to have seats put in a car, surely a little bit of rocket or lettuce could have come ‘as standard’.

The spinach and feta slices were a bit bland with the balance of feta to spinach not right, even the pastry seemed undercooked at the bottom.

Despite being underwhelmed by the slices their pastries are on the whole pretty good. PiPi’s is probably a better place to go  and relax with a strong black coffee and one of their home made Greek pastries.


Price: 2.5

Taste: 2.5

Look: 2

Service: 3

Originality: 3

Total: 13/20

(Although not the greatest score for it’s sandwiches, PiPi’s must be one of the only outlet’s I’ve come across in Cardiff to sell such a wide selection of Greek pastries.)

Cocorico Patisserie

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on January 2, 2011

It may have surprised us early this year but the inevitable snow day came where offices closed their doors and shops were raided for milk, bread and tins of soup. The Sandwich Club once again took advantage of the snowy weather, making a visit to Cocorico Patisserie.

Cocorico is a fairly new establishment specialising in French cakes and patisseries, the proprietors being French themselves. In addition to the bakery, there is a small café serving a selection of fresh baguettes, croque-monsieur, pastries and cakes.

First up was ham, emmental cheese and wholegrain mustard on a white baguette*. The bread was superb, having been baked fresh, and came topped off with a variety of seeds. The baguette was on the smaller size, but I liked this as I find most ‘normal’ sized baguettes just too much bread. The ingredients were fresh and all very tasty, a generous helping of rocket finishing it off perfectly.

Second was black forest ham, avocado and sun dried tomato on a brown baguette. Again the fresh homemade bread was a great starting point. The flavour of the ham was excellent and the overall flavour of the ingredients was very well balanced.

The service was welcoming and friendly and the prices were pretty reasonable for a sit in sandwich and drink. Other points of note were the tea being served in a FORLIFE teapot infuser (see previous post) and although not tasted on this occasion, the cakes by all accounts are pretty special and also very reasonably priced. An excellent establishment and well worth the trip.


Price: 3

Taste: 4

Look: 3



Total: 16/20


*Originally both sandwiches were requested on brown baguettes. However, they only had one brown bread baguette left. In the interests of fairness a decision was made via the trusted method of paper, scissors, stone.

Hot Pantry Bakery

Posted in Reviews by thesandwichclub on November 1, 2010

Cathedral Road is a place where you can find a fine selection of independant shops – butcher, wine merchant, deli, greengrocer and baker.


The Hot Pantry bakery is a tiny space with a counter crammed full of the usual homemade treats, as well as a wide selection of freshly made sandwiches.

Halloween season is upon us and they have decided to bake loaves of pumpkin bread which in turn have been used as the fundamental component in some of todays sandwiches.

Eager to try the pumkin bread I searched out my next victim like a recently freed Michael Myers. The only filling on offer (or only one left?) with the pumpkin bread was tuna and sweetcorn. Other sandwich clubers may well baulk at this choice, but I actually dont mind sweetcorn in a sandwich.



So on to the tasting. The bread is really good, a nice sweet and nutty taste with a generous helping of pumpkin and seaseme seeds. Filling is nothing spectacular but there is plenty of tuna and sweetcorn packed in without any of the usual bulking out with mayo.

Overall I was very pleased with this, more so given it only cost £1.65.


Price: 4

Taste: 2.5

Look: 2

Service: 3

Originality: 2.5

Total: 14 / 20