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Sandwich Off #1: Results

Posted in Sandwich Off #1 by thesandwichclub on November 18, 2009

The Sandwich Clubbers have the “sandwich off!” As historic events go, this is MASSIVE – the first ever Sandwich Club Sandwich-Off! Essentially “Come dine with me”, but with sandwiches, and none of the annoying idiots usually thrown in as TV fodder. It was decided to test the abilities of The Sandwich Club members by gathering on a Friday evening in Cardiff to see who could come up with the best sandwich.  Six Clubbers were given a maximum spend of £10 and two days preparation to research and come up with a sandwich to be presented, scored and consumed by the fellow clubbers.

A few rules applied:

1.  A £10 budget for ingredients, receipts to be retained as proof (this excluded butter which came supplied if required)

2. The ingredients had to be assembled on the night

3. Elements that could not be easily put together on the night could be pre-prepared, such as cooking meats

The sandwiches were then voted for on taste, presentation, ingredients and originality.

Here are the results from 6 to 1:

6. Pastrami, Apple Salami, Lettuce and Piccalilli (and a healthy spreading of English mustard) on wholemeal bread

5. Mascarpone, Banana and Chocolate on the inside. Grilled white bread on the outside

4. Smoked Salmon, avocado and chilli on rye

3. Chicken curry, lettuce, tomato and raita on granary baguette

2. Parma Ham, Fig and Goats cheese on Donker bread

1. Wensleydale & Cranberry, Pecan and Maple Syrup filled-grilled-Brioche

Congratulations to the winner and a big thank to the host and everyone who took part. There are already plans for “Sandwich Off #2” and from the high benchmark set by #1 we are very much looking forward to the next Sandwich Off.