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In pictures: drinking vessels

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Gourmet Scoffs, Bath

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This post is long overdue. San Pellegrino Orange was my drink for the summer. I discovered it for the first time when visiting Scoffs a while back and I wanted to share the delights of this drink. Well, summer is officially over but I’m still going to say “you should try this drink”. I don’t know why its better than Sunkist but it just is. Without getting too carried away with myself, neither compare to the greatness of original San Pellegrino from a glass bottle.

For its size Bath has a well stocked supply of café’s and deli’s. This proved difficult when deciding where to head for a sandwich. Fortunately on this day I was guided by someone in the know who took me to Scoffs. Located near the river Avon opposite Parade Gardens the shop front looks like an inviting place. The kind that doesn’t need to use some flash banner to attract custom because its the locals that use this venue for their sandwich staple.

On this occasion and if I’m honest, whenever I see Pastrami on the menu board, a Reuben on brown was ordered. As the sun was out I thought it would be ideal to park on a bench in Parade Gardens and have lunch. Error, £1 entry for non-residents! Paying to get into a park? Say wha? This seems a bit of a joke.  I think the council are milking the tourists a bit too dry with that. Anyway, the view from the park wall was good enough and the sandwich more than made up for my displeasure at the £1 entry. If your in Bath and hungry for a sandwich, head to Scoffs for some excellent sandwiches and a friendly vibe.